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PGX Roller Crusher

PGX Roller Crusher

Brief introduction
Jinbaoshan roller crusher is used mainly in the coal, cement, Portland and industry departments use, the crusher is mainly used in the ore and the smaller of homework. Roller crusher by the transmission device, frame part, crushing roller, mechanical spring device or hydraulic thrust device, the linkage mechanism etc. Broken ability, safe and reliable. Roller spacing hydraulic adjustment, roller bearing concentrated lubrication. Tooth shape optimization design, pull shear choose broken, high efficiency and low energy consumption, the grain of uniform.
Performance features

1. The structure is simple and compact, the noise is low, the efficiency is high.
2. The installation is flexible, basically needs no foundation.
3. The rollers' surface adopts anti-abrasive welding rod or exchangeable dental plate, the maintenance is simple.
4. Self-preservation ability is strong; the high-hardness materials (such as all sorts of metal block) won't break the equipment's parts when they enter the shredding breach.

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