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Dressing advantages of Sand Making Machine(impact fine crusher)

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Sand making machine (impact fine crusher) is one of the crusher equipment, and has applications in ore production lines and high technology, has been the favorite of many customers, so the JBS Sand Maker with what kind of dressing advantages.
Shandong Jinbaoshan Machinery Co. Ltd. produces the whole set equipment of sand production line, which has the reasonability, small floor space, high investment returns and spatial layout. So they are popular for majority customers at home and abroad. Of these sand maker has the advantages: the good quality of grinding and less stone powder. The sand maker is set with automatic control system and electric control operating system, with easy operation, reliable operation and easy maintenance.
1. Centralized lubrication system, non-stop oiling, convenient and quick.
Sand maker lubrication system, a change the traditional butter mouth, the oil cup filling oil; configuration is centralized to the oil distribution pump step, multiple oil; machine in the machine state at any time all the bearings at the same time synchronous filling oil, convenient and quick.
2. Hydraulic manually start the chassis.
3. Sand maker dual-rotor up and down two crushed material.
4. Sand maker device with heavy balance wheel, smooth operation, inertia, it can save 20%.
New type sand maker is produced on the basis of the main advantages of impact crusher, vertical impact crusher, cone crusher and hammer crusher by JBS Crusher. It has replaced the vertical crushers in sand making industry and adopts the theory of stone breaking up stone, which make high yield, high quality and low cost come true. Cement making machine:http:http://www.jbs-crusher.com/product/fineimpactcrusher(sandmakingmachine).html
crusher:http: http://www.jbs-crusher.com/index.asp
This sand maker adopts the most advanced technology in domestic and international field and is developed according to the relative industry development. It is a new generation sand maker and also called High-efficiency Fine Machine. It is mainly used in crushing and grinding the hard materials and its application field is very large: cement industry, water conservancy and hydropower, municipal engineering, metallurgy, chemical industry and other major or small industry.
Our sand maker engineers point out: the new type sand maker has many advanced features; with wheels on the basis of original sand maker in order to save energy and improve the kinetic energy. It makes the efficiency improved. There is adjusting device of impact plate to control the needed fineness of the product. The earliest sand maker only has one observation door in the back, which is not in favor of observing and maintaining the operation of equipment when it works. This new type maker has a observation door in one side, which brings big convenience to workers.
In summary, the features of the new type sand maker are simple construction, small wear, high efficiency, high quality, energy saving. What the customers can think of is what our engineers can think of. Our aim is for customer, for the enterprise and producing the better sand maker for you.

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