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Jinbaoshan Analysis  Advantages of Fine Impact Crusher in Sand Production Line

Source:JBS Machinery Author:Shandong Jinbaoshan Machinery Date:2012-10-03 Visitors:

The commonly used crushing equipment includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand maker and hammer crusher. The crushing effect varies with different models of crushers. This text is an attempt to introduce you to the performance advantages of fine impact crusher(sand maker) in sand production line.

The operating principle of fine impact crusher is the compacting effect. Compared with jaw crusher, cone crusher and roller crusher, the fine impact crusher is the dominant type for the following reasons:

1. High crushing ratio. Its crushing ratio can reach as high as 50 while the other crushers can only achieve the crushing ratio of 20.

2. Fine particle size. Under the effect of impact, the to-be-crushed material will shatter along the most fragile layer. This selective crushing method guarantees the high rate of cubic-shaped finished products. Flat-elongated products account for only 10% of the whole while on the part of jaw crusher, cone crusher and roller crusher, the content of flat-elongated products take up a large proportion of 15%.

The above advantages make fine impact crusher occupy a crucial position in the crushing machine. There is no doubt that the fine impact crusher has tremendous advantages over other crushing equipment. However, the fine impact crusher possesses objective defect. Due to the reason that the fine impact crusher adopts the compacting principle, the components are easily worn. The defect seriously limits the application scale of fine impact crusher for quite a long period of time. As a result, the fine impact crusher can only be used to crush material with medium hardness. With the application of new type anti-abrasion material, Shandong Jinbaoshan has been constantly upgrading the components. Consequently, the service life of fine impact crusher is greatly extended and production cost largely reduced.

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