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ECO Friendly Manufacturing Is the New Driction of Mining Industry

Source:JBS Machinery Author:Shandong Jinbaoshan Machinery Date:2012-09-14 Visitors:

Nowadays, low-carbon green has become the primary trend of world development, mining machinery industry blows a fresh wind; green manufacturing will drive the technological innovation of the whole industry towards a whole new field and rise to an unprecedented height. Currently, some countries in the world are building their own green fortress with environmental protection; green manufacturing is clearly in line with the development trend of modern economy.

During 12th Five-Year-Plan, in line with green environmental protection and independent innovation, China puts forward further requirements to the mode of industrial development. Therefore, the manufacturers of mining machinery industry must pay close attention to the energy utilization situation in the production process and do their best to reduce energy consumption for the purpose of having a share in the people's common living environment. While mining machinery industries adhere to combined Green Boulevard of green manufacturing and independent innovation, how to realize the bigger and stronger situation of China's mining machinery industries is the most urgent task at present. In this regard, as for the development of 2012 domestic mining machinery manufacturing market, Jinbaoshan  also has some of their own views. The equipment produced by Jinbaoshan such as jaw crusher,impact crusher has accessed to a number of patents and honor.

In fact, in recent years, the development momentum of China's mining machinery manufacturing industries is very strong, but the prominent question is technology and strategy along the old path and didn't seek to change the fundamental development ideas. And in the current mining machinery manufacturing industries, especially ore beneficiation, crushing and screening industries, there are very few companies can provide customers with complete sets and services, lacking of providing full solutions or the ability of undertaking more complex engineering. Thus, in face of the competition in international market, the momentum has been suppressed. Hence, the companies should greatly enhance themselves in the aspects of market internationalization, technology internationalization and investment internationalization.

China has entered the ranks of mining machinery producing country, consuming country and importing country; however, big but not strong. Based on the current situation of the mining machinery industries, mining machinery enterprises in China should deepen the reform; at the same time, they actively adjust the industry and product structure and change the mode of economic growth; they enhance the capability of independent innovation, further improve the overall competitiveness of the whole industry and adhere to sound and rapid sustainable development.

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