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It is a good choice to Use  Jinbaoshan Crushing Machine

Source:JBS Machinery Author:Shandong Jinbaoshan Machinery Date:2012-09-07 Visitors:

As is well known, Jaw Crusher is the preferred equipment for first crushing. Because it has features of simple structure, reliable performance, easy maintenance and low cost of production, it has been widely used in fields of metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, electricity and transportation.

With the crushing tooth board's wear, the discharge port's size becomes big gradually, leading increasingly big size of crushed materials. To make sure particle size after crushing is needed, it's necessary to adjust Jaw Crusher's discharge port size. At the same time, according to different production line, different clients have different discharge port size. Thus, flexible and convenient adjustment device of discharge port size is very important for the whole production line.

According to different machines, Shandong Jinbaoshan uses flexible configuration and its products of series of Jaw Crusher mainly use two methods to adjust discharge port size.

Firstly, adjusting the gasket, that is to say, to put a group of gaskets between Jaw Crusher's thrust bearings after toggle plate and rack's back wall and then adjust discharge port size by dominating gaskets' number.

Secondly, adjusting wedge block, namely, making two wedge blocks between thrust bearings after toggle plate and rack's back wall move relatively to adjust discharge port size. Shandong Jinbaoshan series of Jaw Crushers use automatic hydraulic governing system and realize the adjustment of discharge port size through the adjustment of the hydraulic oil station. Shunky Jaw Crusher creates ideal crushing effect for you.

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